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The nature of our work means that our members deploy all over the world; we regularly have units in the Gulf, the South Atlantic (Falklands), off the West Coast of Africa and in the Caribbean (for disaster relief and anti drug patrols), not forgetting fishery patrols in UK waters and finally, of course, the RN provides the nation’s nuclear deterrent 365 days a year. Royal Marines and RN personnel provide a large proportion of the UK Military presence in Afghanistan, including Chaplains! Many of these are  working ashore in direct support of the Royal Marines (much of the Royal Marines helicopter support is provided by RN helicopter squadrons). We encourage all Christians (not just our members!) to meet for fellowship and Bible study in their ship or when on Frontline Operations, and provide resources to help them. These range from Bibles and New Testaments (supplied by the Naval Military and Air Force Bible Society) through Bible study books and aids to more formal courses for outreach amongst their ship-mates such as Alpha for Forces or Christianity Explored. 

      We communicate regularly with our serving members via E mail (a ‘Weekly Dit’ is sent out each Friday),  and provide various magazines and Daily Bible notes for those serving away from home (and out of reach of the local Christian bookshop!). These are intended for personal use but some are also eminently suitable for leaving around the messdeck! ‘Sorted’,’Woman Alive’, ‘New Wine Mag’, ‘Word For Today’ and ‘Living Light’ are regularly despatched!

Church services are regularly held on board ship and in front line operational bases, but there is nothing quite like visiting a Church ashore, or ‘chilling out’ in a Christian home away from the ship!  When a ship goes alongside. we encourage our members to seek fellowship ashore using the NCF Hospitality List. This most valued of NCF documents has contacts in all the main ports around the world where our members can find a welcome.

Over the years our members have built up a lot of experience of what works and doesn’t whilst deployed. There are many hints and ideas available which can help avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ or making mistakes! This experience and accumulated wisdom has been brought together in ‘The Seagoers’ SEAPACK’. It also assists folk when undertaking the duties of Church Officer and leading of Sunday services aboard ship in the absence of a Chaplain.

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